World Cryptologic Competition 2023

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The World Cryptologic Competition (WCC) is a worldwide open competition. The WCC itself is based in the United States. The WCC 2023 is the WCC's first year.

In most ways similar to the AES competition in 2001 (the "Advanced Encryption Standard process"), and the SHA-3 competition in 2006 (the "NIST hash function competition"), the World Cryptologic Competition looks to produce value by production of innovative new algorithms, results, methods, and products (such as new cryptocurrencies). All entries to the WCC are given into the public domain.

The WCC 2023 has three entry categories: Category A (Block Cipers), Category B (Digest Functions), and Category C (Stream Ciphers); and three rounds (Round 1 / Open Round, Round 2, and Finalist Round). WCC 2023 has a total duration of 295 days. Note: In future years there will be more categories.